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Spread the word

Use letters, leaflets and posters to grab everyone’s attention in the lead up to the Book Fair. Don’t forget that posters and Book Fair leaflets will arrive in your Book Fair Kit.

We recommend that you start advertising one to two weeks before your Book Fair arrives.

Book Fair poster
  • Send a letter or email to parents explaining your Book Fair goals and opening times
  • Give each pupil a Book Fair leaflet – found in your Book Fair Kit – to take home to preview the books
  • Put up posters at the school entrance, in corridors and in classrooms
  • Add a reminder to the school website, newsletter or social media page – we’ve even created shareable images you can use, specially designed to be used on social media pages and newsletters
  • Begin a Book Fair countdown in assemblies to build a buzz

You can find templates for letters to parents in the Resource Pack

Videos and powerpoints

Generate excitement about reading using our brand new videos and editable slideshows for First Fair and Second Fair – perfect for engaging children in class and assemblies.

Download the First Fair Book Range Slideshow

Download the Second Fair Book Range Slideshow

Share your Book Fair

We love hearing about the excitement that a Book Fair creates, so every month we’re giving away a goody bag worth £100 including books and stationery to the best Book Fair story we see on social media.

Find out more about Share your Book Fair

Did you know..? We make Welsh language posters! All you need to do is download these, print them off, and display them along with the posters provided in your Book Fair Kit. Find the posters below or on the Welsh language resources page.

Downloadable resources:
Download image
Download image
Download image