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Make it fun

Bring fun to the Book Fair by making it a celebratory event. Use decorations and activities to keep it fresh and inviting and spark everyone’s imaginations.

The Resource Pack The Resource Pack Secondary
Our handy online Resource Pack will give you everything you need to build excitement during lesson time or for extra-curricular activities in the lead up to the Fair. Inside the Resource Pack you’ll find:

  • £25 competition prize vouchers
  • Lessons fully matched to curriculum objectives
  • Activities centred around literacy and the importance of reading
  • Browsing wishlists and last copy bookmarks
  • Last copy bookmarks
  • Letters to parents and volunteers

Download the Resource Pack

Hold a competition

Build excitement by holding a competition involving the whole school. If you run a competition to promote your Book Fair, you are entitled to £25 worth of books from the bookcases to use as prizes. You can find the prize vouchers in the Resource Pack.

Set up class browsing

Give students the opportunity to explore the Book Fair during school time. The more they interact with the books, the more likely they are to find the perfect one for them. You can create a browsing timetable, giving each class or form group 20-25 minutes at the Book Fair during the school day.

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Download image