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Ordering and Payment

Ordering extra books

Popular books can sometimes sell out. However, there is no reason for a child to leave the Book Fair disappointed – it’s so easy to order extra copies.

  • Try and identify bestsellers before your Fair starts – you can speak to your Book Fair Coordinator for guidance
  • Download and print the Resource Pack. In the Resource Pack you can find the last copy bookmarks
  • Place one in the last copy of the most popular books
  • Pupils can order the book using the Order Form at the cash desk and leave the last copy for other to view.
  • Call Scholastic by 4pm the day before your Book Fair is collected to place your order

Pay and claim Rewards online

It’s now quicker and easier to pay for your Book Fair and claim your Rewards online:

  • There is no longer a paper Cash Report Form in your Book Fair Kit, so head to the Book Fair Homepage
  • Log in to your account or create a new one (you’ll need a recent letter with your account number on from us to do this)
  • Click on the Book Fair you want to pay for, then the ‘Cash Report Form’ link and follow the instructions
  • Choose to pay by online bank transfer, credit/debit card, cheque, giro or invoice
  • Print the completed form, post to Scholastic and claim your earned Rewards instantly

Find out more about Rewards

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