We will be running Book Fairs in the Spring term. If you’d like to get in touch with us to discuss your Spring Fair or would like to book a Fair please email us at info@scholastic.co.uk or call us on 0800 212 281. remove

COVID-19 - Frequently asked questions

Safety First Infographic

Safety First

We have put a number of safety measures in place to ensure you can run your Book Fair safely this term. Download our Safety First Infographic to and read the FAQs below to learn more.

If you have any concerns or questions, please email us at enquiries@travellingbooks.co.uk

10 Steps to a Safe and Successful Book Fair

10 Steps to a Safe and Successful Book Fair

Check out our 10 steps to a safe and successful Book Fair during COVID-19 – this downloadable infographic covers everything you need to know, taking you from preparing for your Book Fair all the way to packing up and paying.

Q: Can I book a book a Fair with you for later in the year?

A: Yes. If you would like to arrange a Book Fair with us, please email us at enquiries@travellingbooks.co.uk or call us on 0800 212 281.

Q: How will my Fair arrive in school?

A: Your Fair will be delivered and collection by one of our local Book Fair agents.

Q: What are you doing to ensure the the Fair/books are safe to have in school?

A: We have put a number of safety measures in place to ensure your Book Fair is safe to run.

  • We will provide contactless delivery and pick up
  • The Book Fair agent will maintain social distancing and wear a mask and gloves when handling your cases and whilst on school premises
  • The Book Fair agent can leave cases outside the school building as long as someone from the school accepts responsibility for them
  • All cases will be deep cleaned between school deliveries
  • Books have been quarantined for 72 hours before delivery to schools
  • Signage to encourage children not to handle the books unless purchasing
  • We encourage cashless payment wherever possible – Phone Pay is a fantastic option for parents, or they can pre-purchase gift vouchers from our website
Q: How will children be able to browse the books?

A: We will provide a downloadable parent order form with a complete list of books available on your Fair with images of the book covers and prices. This will be available on our free resources page to download or send out via email. This will help parents and children to select their books in advance and give an idea of the value of gift voucher they need to purchase if paying by this method.

Signage on the book cases will encourage children not to handle the books unless they would like to purchase.

Q: Do I need to do anything differently at the end of the Fair?

A: No, just close up your cases in the usual way and our Book Fair agent will come and collect the cases at the end of your Fair.

Q: Will the Book Fair feature the usual number/selection of books?

A: Your Fair will still feature the same number of books and the cases will be packed with the same great value, classics, activity titles and most recent bestsellers that you would expect from us.

Q: What material will I have to promote my Fair?

A: In order to minimise paper going home, we will provide you with digital emails and invites to send out to parents rather than the usual printed invite. You will also find digital versions of the posters that you can print and display in school, along with digital versions of the Phone Pay posters to encourage parents to make cashless payments.

All materials can be accessed or downloaded from our Free Resources page.

As we are not sending out printed Fairs planning kits this term due to safe working practices, school Rewards will be redeemable only from the cases or the Scholastic online shop.

Find out more about spending your Rewards.

Q: What form of payments can I take at the Fair?

A: We are encouraging you to try, where possible, to take cashless payments at your Fair, although we appreciate that this may not always be possible and some cash payment may be necessary. Parents can pre-buy Book Fair vouchers online which can be used to pay for the books at the Fair or they can pay via our Phone Pay option.

Q: Can I have the Fair for longer than a week to help maintain social distancing?

A: Yes, you can. If social distancing/bubble classes in your school mean that you will need extended time to allow all of your pupils to browse safely, we can allow you to keep your Fair for 2 weeks rather than the usual one – please pre-book any Fairs for a 2 week duration in advance with our Book Fairs team.

Q: We are not allowing parents into school; how can I let them know what books will be on the Fair so they can pre-shop?

A: Send out the digital invitations via email and don’t forget to send parents the pre-browse order form, which will show all titles and prices for books available on the Fairs cases.

Print the downloadable posters from our website and display them in school.

Send dates and frequent reminders out to parents through parent mail etc. as your Fair approaches.

Share the great author videos available on our website with parents.

If you have any further questions please email us at enquiries@travellingbooks.co.uk.