Travelling Books FAQs


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Book Fair Organisers

What form of payments can I take at the Fair? We are encouraging you to take cashless payments at your Fair.

  • Parents can pay using the online payment system up until midday on the day your Book Fair is collected
  • Parent payments will show in your online Book Fair account. You must be registered and logged in to view them
  • Parents can also pre-buy Book Fair vouchers online which can be used to pay for the books at the Fair.

Where do I send payment for the Book Fair? Please send your cheque along with your Book Fair Record Sheet to your local Book Fair distributor. Most distributors can accept a BACS payment. Please see details on the Book Fair Record Sheet or ask your local distributor.

What material will I have to promote my Fair? In order to minimise paper use, we will provide you with digital emails and invites to send out to parents. You will also find digital versions of the posters that you can print and display in school.

All materials can be accessed or downloaded from our Free Resources page.

As we are not sending out printed Fairs planning kits, school Rewards will be redeemable only from the cases or the Scholastic online shop.

Can I sell the last copy of a title?
Yes but it is always best to keep a copy for children to see. Please take orders and your local Book Fair distributor will deliver these when your Book Fair is collected.

How do I place an order for the books that have run out? Use the School Order Form which you will have been sent by our Book Fairs team. You can email or phone your order through to your local Book Fair distributor. Please note that only the books on this order form are available to re-order. Stationery items are not available to re-order.

When should I place the book orders? Please try and send your order to your local Travelling Books distributor by 1pm on the day prior to the collection of your Book Fair. They will endeavour to deliver the order when they collect the fair to avoid any disappointment. If they are unable to do so, your books will be couriered to you.

Do I have to keep a record of the books sold at the Book Fair? No. We want the Book Fair to be as simple as possible for you. We reconcile the amount raised and the books taken, so you do not need to keep any records of what people have bought. Please keep a record of the total value of any books you take from the bookcases using Rewards.

How can I check how many Rewards my school has? You can check your Rewards balance by creating an account and logging in. You may need your Fair ID and account number which you’ll find on your booking confirmation email.

If you wish to spend your Rewards immediately on books from the bookcases, you can calculate the using the table below.

Cash from Cash to % Rewards
£0.00 £299.99 0%
£300 £399.99 25%
£400 £799.99 40%
£800 £1199.99 50%
£1200 £1499.99 55%
£1500 + 60%

How long do I have to spend my Rewards? You can use all of your earned Rewards by choosing books from the bookcases whilst the Book Fair is in school. Rewards are valid against the RRP of each book.

If you still have Rewards left you can spend them in our online shop. Please note that online orders will incur a £4.95 postage charge. Rewards are valid for 18 months from point of issue.

Where will I find my Book Fair ID and account numbers? You will find these on your booking confirmation email.

How do I rebook a Book Fair? Your local Book Fair distributor can organise this for you or you can call 0800 731 5758.

Can I use World Book Day Vouchers at the Book Fair? Yes, they can be used at the Book Fair for books of £2.99 or more in line with the instructions printed on the voucher. The vouchers should be collected from the children, crossed through so they cannot be used again and returned to us at the end of the fair with your Book Fair Record Sheet and payment. The value of World Book Day vouchers collected is not be included when calculating the amount raised at your Book Fair. Rewards cannot be claimed on World Book Day voucher sales.

What time will our Book Fair arrive/be collected? We deliver and collect your Book Fair during normal school hours but will try our best to advise of any delays. You can confirm these details with your local Book Fair distributor.

Can children use World Book Day Tokens at the Book Fair?

Yes, children can use their World Book Day Tokens to get £1 off purchases at the Book Fair. Please note that we only accept 2022 World Book Day Tokens from 01/02/2022 to 31/03/2022. If parents are paying from home using a Wish List, please ensure they indicate on the Wish List that they are using a World Book Day Token as part of their payment and that they return the Wish List to school


How do I pay for books at my child’s Book Fair?

Your child’s school will tell you how they intend to run their Book Fair and what payment options are available to you. Please contact the Book Fair Organiser if you are unsure.

  • If your child’s school is using the online payment system you can pay for your child’s books up until 4pm on the day before the Book Fair is collected
  • You can also pre-buy Book Fair vouchers online which can be used to pay for the books at the Fair. Please make sure your child’s school will accept these vouchers.

My child has come home with a Wish List, how do I use this?

Wish Lists are designed to allow your child to make a note of the books they would like to purchase from the bookcases if you are unable to attend the Book Fair in person. You can then pay for these books using our online payment system.

The Wish List is not an order form and must be returned to your child’s school so the school can distribute the chosen books.

Have any other questions? Let us know.