Please place all additional book orders by 1pm the day before your Fair is collected; otherwise we cannot guarantee supply. remove

Spend your Rewards


Travelling Books has partnered with Scholastic to make running a Book Fair even more rewarding, with a brand new range of books and resources to choose from using your Book Fair Rewards.

The quickest way to claim your Book Fair Rewards and to sort payment after your Book Fair has finished is to complete the online Fair Record Sheet. It only takes a minute and does all the calculations for you. You’ll have to create an account or log into the Travelling Books website.

You’ll be able to spend Rewards and school funds on more than 10,000 of the very best children’s books and packs, as well as the latest teacher resources including textbook programmes, Termly Test papers, award-winning lesson-planning guides and more. As this term has been disrupted by COVID-19, you’ll need to either take your Rewards from the cases as normal or spend them in the online shop, as we will not be distributing a new Rewards catalogue this term. We’ve also put together an exclusive range of discounted packs with savings of up to 50% when using your Rewards to help schools make the most of the Rewards they earn from their Book Fairs.

To start spending your Rewards or to check your Rewards balance, you’ll need to create a new account or login below. If you have any questions or queries, please call our free Rewards Helpline on 0800 212 281.