Read alone - books for ages 6+

In our Read Alone book selection, you can choose from a great range of first fiction, non-fiction and activities for newly confident readers who are branching out on their own.

  • For Whom the Ball Rolls

    For Whom the Ball Rolls

    Dog Man finds himself the target of an all-new new super villain! Can he beat his bad habits and be ready to save the day when the super villain strikes?


  • The World's Worst Teachers

    The World's Worst Teachers

    Prepare to meet ten terrible teachers who will have you sprinting for the school gates! If your teacher’s a nightmare, who knows, maybe you’ll spot them here!


  • Rose Gold and Friends

    Rose Gold and Friends

    When Rose’s dog Wrigglely follows her all the way to summer camp, will she and her new-found friends manage to keep Wriggley under wraps, or will they get caught red handed?!


  • The Fox Busters

    The Fox Busters

    Chickens are no match for the cunning foxes stalking their coop. But then three sisters hatch. Determined to fight back, they’re no ordinary chicks. They are the legendary Fox Busters!


  • Tom Gates: Mega Make and Do and Stories Too

    Tom Gates: Mega Make and Do and Stories Too

    When Mum and Dad forget it’s half term, what’s Tom going to do to keep busy? It’s a weeks’ worth of doodling, games, stories and woolly monster making!


  • Puppy Fun: My Secret Diary

    Puppy Fun: My Secret Diary

    Bursting with creative craft activities, recipes, an enchanting story and the cutest puppies ever, this lockable diary is paw-fect for animal lovers and fans of Holly Webb!


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