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  • 100% Unofficial Fortnite Essential Guide

    100% Unofficial Fortnite Essential Guide

    It’s the ultimate gaming face-off. Fortnite Battle Royale. A hundred players, no surrender, no limits – so find out how to survive now!


  • Birthday Drama!

    Birthday Drama!

    In the latest Dork Diaries, it’s Nikki’s birthday! She’s going to make sure everyone has a blast but as ever with Nikki, things can’t help but be a total cringe!

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    RRP €16.20


  • Eve of Man

    Eve of Man

    As the last girl on Earth, the future of humanity depends on Eve choosing a boyfriend. It’s a lot to put on a young girl’s shoulders – and even more to put on her heart…


  • Flower Journal

    Flower Journal

    Get writing in your own journal! This beautiful journal is perfect for jotting down your every thought.


  • Football Handbook

    Football Handbook

    With tons of lists, quizzes, facts and stats, this Football Handbook is a must-have for all footy fans!


  • Grenade


    Hideki and Ray are fighting for survival on opposite sides of a war. But when the two of them collide in the middle of battle… they choose the impossible. They choose peace.


  • Happy Girl Lucky

    Happy Girl Lucky

    Introducing The Valentines: beautiful, rich and famous. They have everything except love. Hope is on a mission to find it – but that’s no simple feat, even for a Valentine . . .


  • Head Kid

    Head Kid

    Prankster extraordinaire Ryan Ward has a new Head Teacher and even the teachers are scared of him. But when Ryan swaps bodies with him things are about to get messy!


  • Heartstopper


    Charlie’s crushing hard on his new friend Nick. He doesn’t think he stands a chance – he’s not even sure Nick likes boys! But sometimes good things are waiting just around the corner…

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  • Jenny Han Box Set

    Jenny Han Box Set

    Lara Jean has written a love letter for every boy she’s ever loved. They’re for her eyes only – until they’re mailed out!

    Have you seen the Netflix film?

    Only £9.99 at the Fair


  • Lightning Chase Me Home

    Lightning Chase Me Home

    On Amelia’s birthday she makes a wish: to be reunited with her mum. Now she can teleport! If she can only harness this magic, maybe she can find her mum…

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  • Little Women

    Little Women

    Curl up with your new best friends – the four March sisters, whose lives will bring tears to your eyes and warmth to your heart, and whose stories will stay with you forever.

    Only £2.99 with money-off coupon


  • Macbeth


    How far would you go for power? Shakespeare’s epic play of greed and murder, now in a handy edition for your shelf.

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  • My Totally Awesome Journal

    My Totally Awesome Journal

    With lots of fill-in fun and space to write down all your favourite things, try out fun quizzes and create cute crafts. Plus get an adorably fluffy narwhal pen!


  • Now or Never - A Dunkirk Story

    Now or Never - A Dunkirk Story

    The world is at war and standing on the shores of Dunkirk, a young Muslim soldier fights in defence of a Kingdom that does not see him as equal.

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    Now or Never Teachers' Pack

    Voices teaching resources 1858528
  • Oh My Gods

    Oh My Gods

    Helen has moved in with her dad’s family and they’re so embarrassing! Even the Gods of Olympus can’t save her – mainly because they’re the family causing the problems!


  • On the Come Up

    On the Come Up

    When Bri’s mom loses her job and foodbanks and eviction notices become a part of her life, just dreaming about becoming a famous rapper is no longer enough: she has to make it.


  • Proud


    A moving, funny, important anthology of brand-new YA stories, poems and illustrations on the theme of pride – by much-loved and new LGBTQ+ authors and illustrators.


  • Rebel


    Betrayal. Sacrifice. Survival. A city is burning and only one place remains habitable: welcome to the continent of monsters.


  • Secret Supervillain vs Lightning Girl

    Secret Supervillain vs Lightning Girl

    Aurora Beam is desperate to find the stone that holds the key to her family’s superpowers. But there’s a supervillain on the loose – and they’re intent on revenge!


  • Secret Weapon

    Secret Weapon

    Teen spy Alex Rider is back with more thrilling action, espionage, and pulse-pounding heroics than ever before.


  • Song of Sorrow

    Song of Sorrow

    Sorrow Ventaxis has won the election, and in the process lost everything…she might be in power but who has the control? The long-awaited sequel to State of Sorrow.


  • The Colour of the Sun

    The Colour of the Sun

    A boy has been killed, and Davie thinks he might know who is responsible… An outstanding novel full of warmth and light from the author of Skellig.


  • The Day Before

    The Day Before

    Find out all about the life of Riverdale’s most-loved characters before we meet them in season one. From Veronica’s life in New York to Betty’s love for Archie – leave no stone unturned!


  • The Day I Was Erased

    The Day I Was Erased

    Disaster! Maxwell has somehow erased himself from his life: it’s as if he’s never existed. Can he find a way to bring himself back?


  • The Dog Who Saved the World

    The Dog Who Saved the World

    Georgie’s busy working on a virtual reality experiment. When a virus threatens all dogs, Georgie embarks on a quest to save them – without ever leaving the room.


  • The Ice Monster

    The Ice Monster

    From bestselling children’s author, David Walliams, this is the story of a ten-year-old orphan and a 10,000-year-old mammoth…

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  • The Lady is a Spy: Virginia Hall, World War II's Most Dangerous Secret Agent

    The Lady is a Spy: Virginia Hall, World War II's Most Dangerous Secret Agent

    Learn about Virginia Hall, the “most dangerous of all Allied spies” who beat the nazis at every turn in this exciting autobiography!

    Only £5.99 with money-off coupon


  • The Meltdown

    The Meltdown

    Snow has transformed Greg Heffley’s neighbourhood into a frenzy of snowballs, forts and territories. Will Greg survive this snowball war or will he freeze on the battlefield?

    Only £8.99 at the Fair

    Only €11.20 at the Fair


  • The New Boy

    The New Boy

    New boy Jack is so perfect he can hardly be real! When he and Zoe start dating, cracks begin to show – maybe he really is too good to be true…


  • The Sign of Four

    The Sign of Four

    Meet master sleuth Sherlock Holmes! Four years after Mary’s father died, she began receiving a pearl on her birthday. Now the person who sent them wants to meet her…

    Only £3.99 with money-off coupon


  • Tilly and the Bookwanderers

    Tilly and the Bookwanderers

    When Tilly’s favourite characters begin appearing in her grandparent’s bookshop, Tilly learns of ‘book wandering’, and maybe it’s the key to finding out why her mother disappeared…


  • Twice Magic

    Twice Magic

    Witches are creating havoc in the Wildwoods and danger lurks behind every tree trunk. Together Wish and Xar can stop them, but time is running out…


  • Two Can Keep a Secret

    Two Can Keep a Secret

    Missing girls don’t come home in Echo Falls. Ellery’s just moved to the town her Aunt disappeared from twenty years ago and she’s determined to find out what happened.


  • Updated Official World Guide

    Updated Official World Guide

    It’s time to fight for the future. Stand up and be counted! Are you ready to join Overwatch? Your essential guide for joining this most elite of task forces.


  • Watch Us Rise

    Watch Us Rise

    Jasmine and Chelsea are sick of the way women are treated even at their progressive NYC high school and they’re going to do something about it!


  • What Monster?

    What Monster?

    The new Tom Gates book is here! This book contains: monsters, mystery, a music festival, missing stuff and, of course, TOM GATES!

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  • Wonder


    Auggie Pullman’s facial deformity has prevented him from going to school—until now. Can he convince his new classmates that he’s just like them?

    Only £4.99 at the Fair