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  • DogZombies Rule (For Now)

    DogZombies Rule (For Now)

    Tom has an EXCELLENT PLAN to make DogZombies the BEST band in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD! How hard can it be?


  • Dork Diaries: Frenemies Forever

    Dork Diaries: Frenemies Forever

    Nikki Maxwell, Queen of the Dorks, is back in the eleventh instalment of the bestselling series!


  • Elon Musk: The Quest for a Fantastic Future (Young Reader's Edition)

    Elon Musk: The Quest for a Fantastic Future (Young Reader's Edition)

    The real-life inspiration for Iron Man, Elon Musk is an role model for young entrepreneurs, breaking boundaries and revolutionising the tech-world.


  • Five on a Treasure Island

    Five on a Treasure Island

    The book that all the other adventure writers try to copy! The timeless classic story of five young sleuths who fall into adventure time and time again! The Famous Five are Julian, Dick, George, Anne and Timothy the dog. They have a talent for spotting mysteries everywhere they go. So when they spend their first holiday together on Kirrin Island in Cornwall, it’s not long before excitement is afoot. What does the sunken shipwreck on the coast hide? Are the rumours of hidden treasure true? And who is on the Five’s tail as they search for clues? A desperate treasure hunt is about to begin…


  • Girl Online: Going Solo

    Girl Online: Going Solo

    The highly anticipated third novel from vlogger Zoella.


  • Ink


    Set in a world where a person’s entire life – their successes and their failures – is printed onto their skin, Ink is utterly captivating.


  • Iron Fist

    Iron Fist

    All the world’s deadliest, best and most secret battle tech in one place. DANGER.

    £4.99 with coupon at the Fair


  • Magical Movie Handbook

    Magical Movie Handbook

    This handy guide highlights all your favourite characters, locations and magical moments featured in the film!


  • Super Awkward

    Super Awkward

    15-year-old Bella Fisher is an absolute winner … at failing at life. Will she be able to piece everything back together in time for prom?

    £5.99 with coupon at the Fair


  • The Everything Machine

    The Everything Machine

    When Olly is accidentally delivered a magical machine that will print anything, he creates the one thing he really wants: his dad.


  • The Goldfish Boy

    The Goldfish Boy

    Can a young boy face his fears to solve a mystery? A story about finding friendship when you’re lonely – and hope when all you feel is fear.


  • The Midnight Gang

    The Midnight Gang

    When the clock strikes midnight most children are fast asleep, but for The Midnight Gang the journey is just beginning.