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  • Access All Awkward

    Access All Awkward

    The thought of this music festival is the only thing getting Bella through exam hell. But as ever with Bella, things soon go wrong in a way even face glitter and flower crowns can’t fix!


  • A Little Piece of Ground

    A Little Piece of Ground

    12 year-old Karim Aboudi and his family are trapped at home by a strict curfew. When Israeli soldiers find Karim outside, it seems impossible that he will survive…


  • A Sky Painted Gold

    A Sky Painted Gold

    A gorgeously dreamy romance! Lou is swept into the glamourous world of the Cardews. Can she find her feet before she loses her heart?


  • A Tale of Two Cities

    A Tale of Two Cities

    “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” One of Dicken’s best-loved classics, follow four characters caught in the rising tensions that led to the French Revolution.

    Only £3.99 with money-off coupon


  • Birthday Drama!

    Birthday Drama!

    In the latest Dork Diaries, it’s Nikki’s birthday! She’s going to make sure everyone has a blast but as ever with Nikki, things can’t help but be a total cringe!

    Only £8.99 at the Fair

    Only €11.20 at the Fair

    RRP €16.20


  • Drone Racer

    Drone Racer

    Team Carson discover a drone with a mind of its own. It wins every race and the military wants it! How will they protect their new friend?

    Only £2.99 with money-off coupon

    Only €3.70 with money-off coupon

    RRP €6.20


  • Every Day (Film Edition)

    Every Day (Film Edition)

    How do you make a relationship work when you wake up in a different body every day? A is about to break every rule to find out!


  • Fairy Tales, Myths and Legends

    Fairy Tales, Myths and Legends

    A complete collection of fairy tales, myths and legends. Full of beanstalks, sleeping princesses and bewitched princes, find your favourites here!

    Only £2.99 at the Fair

    Only €3.70 at the Fair

    RRP €8.70


  • Goosebumps pack of four

    Goosebumps pack of four

    The classic horror series full of more ghosts and ghouls than you can run screaming from! Read at your peril…

    Four for only £9.99 at the Fair

    Four for only €12.40 at the Fair

    RRP €29.90


  • I Have Lost My Way

    I Have Lost My Way

    Three strangers, each lost in their own way, collide in Central Park. Maybe together they can find their way back to who they’re supposed to be.


  • Illegal


    With every step, Ebo holds on to his hope for a new life, and a reunion with his sister. The powerful story of one boy’s epic journey to Europe.

    Only £9.99 at the Fair


  • Ink: Spark

    Ink: Spark

    Caught between two enemies – the Marked and the Blanks – how will Leora figure out which side she’s on? The sequel to the bestselling Ink.


  • Lightning Girl 2: Superhero Squad

    Lightning Girl 2: Superhero Squad

    Aurora Beam has saved the world – at a cost! The media won’t leave her alone! Maybe meeting other heroes will help? The electrifying new book by Alesha Dixon.

    RRP €8.70


  • Mortal Engines

    Mortal Engines

    In a world where motorised cities fight for survival, Tom is flung out into the wastelands – where a terrifying cyborg begins to hunt him down!

    Read it before you see it! New film coming in December.

    RRP €9.90


    Mortal Engines book talk notes

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  • My Arch-Enemy is a Brain in a Jar

    My Arch-Enemy is a Brain in a Jar

    Luke and his brother have swapped bodies and Luke has Zack’s superpowers! Now all he needs is a world-threatening adventure to try them out…

    RRP €8.70


  • My Mum Tracy Beaker

    My Mum Tracy Beaker

    Tracy Beaker is back, and she’s a mum now… Jess thinks Tracy is the best mum ever but she IS NOT a fan of Tracy’s new boyfriend.

    Only £8.99 at the Fair


  • My (Secret) YouTube Life

    My (Secret) YouTube Life

    Melissa’s life is less than amazing – the YouTube videos of LilyLoves are her only reprieve. But when she discovers a crushing secret about Lily, Melissa has an impossible choice to make…


  • Night of the Party

    Night of the Party

    ‘Illegal’ teenager Zara witnesses a crime, but with no rights, speaking out would put a target on her back. When romance blossoms with the victim’s brother, he’s in danger too.


  • Official Spartan Field Manual

    Official Spartan Field Manual

    Spartans. Humanity’s first—and last—line of defence in a hostile 26th century galaxy. Join the ranks of the most powerful super-soldiers with this handbook.

    Only £7.99 at the Fair


  • Poppy Field

    Poppy Field

    When a villager saves a discarded poem in war torn Belgium, neither she nor the poet could imagine what it would come to mean. Discover the history of the poppy.


    Poppy Field book talk notes

    Poppy field book talk notes 1774317
  • Rebel Voices: The Rise of Votes for Women

    Rebel Voices: The Rise of Votes for Women

    A bold compendium of women who fought for equality: from New Zealand in 1893 to Saudi Arabia in 2015. Be inspired by the brave women who rioted, rallied and refused to give up.


  • Secret Science: The Amazing World Beyond Your Eyes

    Secret Science: The Amazing World Beyond Your Eyes

    Never think life is boring again! Let Dara Ó Briain show you all the incredible science behind your everyday life and what that could mean for the future!

    RRP €8.70


  • Show Stealer

    Show Stealer

    In the explosive sequel to Show Stopper, the deadliest show on Earth is back – and this time no-one is playing by the rules of the game…

    Only £5.99 with money-off coupon


  • Snowglobe


    Clementine has discovered a prison: hundreds of snowglobes, each containing a trapped magician. Vowing to release them, Clem is in danger, and so is the future of magic!


  • Stories for Boys Who Dare to Be Different

    Stories for Boys Who Dare to Be Different

    Usually heroes in stories are handsome, dragon-slaying princes – but what about the others? Be inspired by 100 men who were heroes in their own way.

    Only £9.99 at the Fair


  • The Happy Prince and Other Stories

    The Happy Prince and Other Stories

    “The living always think that gold can make them happy.” A collection of heart warming and heartbreaking fairy tales by Oscar Wilde.

    Only £2.99 at the Fair


  • The Lifters

    The Lifters

    Beneath our feet, hundreds of tunnels tear through the Earth. Mysterious forces are gathering within them, and it’s up to two kids to stop them.

    Only £4.99 with money-off coupon


  • The Survival Game

    The Survival Game

    Mhairi owns two things: a gun and her identity papers. Isolation is the only way to survive, but when Mhairi encounters a young boy, she’s willing to risk everything to save him.


  • The Trouble with Perfect

    The Trouble with Perfect

    The secrets of the town of Perfect have been uncovered but now the town is in jeopardy. Have they really seen the last of Edward Archer?


  • Turtles All the Way Down

    Turtles All the Way Down

    A fugitive billionaire and $100k for his whereabouts… Can teen sleuth Aza Holmes escape the tightening spiral of her own thoughts long enough to find him?


  • Undercover Princess

    Undercover Princess

    A scholarship student who longs for the ease of wealth and a princess who wants to be normal? It’s an identity swap waiting to happen! But someone is on to their secret…


  • Unexpected Twist! An Oliver Twisted Tale

    Unexpected Twist! An Oliver Twisted Tale

    A classic story – with a twist! Shona keeps getting in trouble at her new school and there’s something fishy about the boys she’s met…

    RRP €8.70


    Unexpected Twist book talk notes

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  • Villain


    The only people who can stop a superpowered villain are superpowered heroes. But years after GONE, some begin to wonder who the real villain is.


  • Wonder


    Auggie Pullman’s facial deformity has prevented him from going to school—until now. Can he convince his new classmates that he’s just like them?

    Only £4.99 at the Fair


  • Young, Gifted and Black

    Young, Gifted and Black

    Meet 52 icons of colour from the past and present in this celebration of inspirational achievement. A collection of stories to empower the next generation of changemakers.


  • Your Turn to Die

    Your Turn to Die

    Every winter, three families gather in an old house to celebrate the New Year. But this house has a dark past. The victim might be long dead, but the danger isn’t…