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  • Bad Dad

    Bad Dad

    Dads come in all shapes and sizes. There are fat ones and thin ones. Tall ones and short ones. And of course, there are good dads and bad dads. Bad dads – like Frank’s dad!

    Only £8.99 at the Fair

    Only €11.20 at the Fair


  • Beyond the Sky: You and the Universe

    Beyond the Sky: You and the Universe

    Ever wanted to travel into space? Now you can, as Dara Ó Briain takes you on a journey to the furthest reaches of space from the comfort of your home.

    Paperback exclusively available at your Book Fair

    €8.70 at the Fair


  • Dork Diaries

    Dork Diaries

    Nikki has never been popular, but since she’s started at a new school, she’s determined to leave her old dorky ways behind!

    £2.99 at the Fair

    €3.70 at the Fair


  • Epic Adventure (Kind Of)

    Epic Adventure (Kind Of)

    Family frolics with Tom the master doodler! Families can be super-annoying. (Think Delia.) But families can also be amazing and Tom’s are planning a truly EPIC family outing!

    Only £7.99 at the Fair

    Only €9.90 at the Fair


  • Game On! All-Time Gaming Records

    Game On! All-Time Gaming Records

    Want to be a world gaming champ? Here are the records to beat! Who are the crowning victors – the gamers whose triumphs vanquish all the rest? Find out!

    €8.70 at the Fair


  • Lightning Girl

    Lightning Girl

    Happy-making fiction from a top TV judge! When life gets dark, can Aurora save the world with her totally flash superpowers?

    €8.70 at the Fair


  • Never Say Die

    Never Say Die

    Alex Rider, the super spy that just won’t die, is back! After thinking his last mission would be the end, a dark buried secret from his own past emerges…

    Exclusive paperback edition found only at your Book Fair!

    €9.90 at the Fair


  • Northern Lights

    Northern Lights

    In a glittering arctic there are terrible experiments being conducted by evil scientists. Does one girl have the courage and cunning to stop them?

    £4.99 at the Fair

    € 6.20 at the Fair


  • The Getaway

    The Getaway

    What do you want for Christmas? A game? A book? A family holiday from hell? Yikes: that’s just what this wimp didn’t ask for!

    Only £8.99 at the Fair

    Only €11.20 at the Fair


  • The Hidden Oracle

    The Hidden Oracle

    Cast out of Olympus, newly mortal Apollo must reach Camp-Half Blood before his enemies find him and take advantage of his new mortality!


  • The Princess and the Suffragette

    The Princess and the Suffragette

    A magical sequel from Holly Webb. Revisit beloved characters and meet some new ones in this retelling of a children’s classic, originally by Fances Hodgson Burnett.

    € 8.70 at the Fair


  • The Warlock of Firetop Mountain

    The Warlock of Firetop Mountain

    Dive into a world of dark magic, monsters and castles that’s part story, part game and pure adventure. Are you brave enough to take on the Warlock of Firetop Mountain?

    Only £4.99 at the Fair

    Only €6.20 at the Fair


  • The Wizards of Once

    The Wizards of Once

    A feast of magic, dark secrets, quests – and a disgustingly cute raven to adopt!

    Exclusive edition

    €8.70 at the Fair