We will be running Book Fairs in the autumn term. If you’d like to get in touch with us to discuss your autumn Fair or would like to book a Fair please email us at info@scholastic.co.uk or call us on 0800 212 281. remove

COVID-19 - Frequently asked questions

Scholastic Book Fairs safety first social distancing infographic September 2020

Safety First

We have put a number of safety measures in place to ensure you can run your Book Fair safely this term. Download our Safety First Infographic to and read the FAQs below to learn more.

If you have any concerns or questions, please email us at info@scholastic.co.uk

10 Steps to a Safe and Successful Book Fair

10 Steps to a Safe and Successful Book Fair

Check out our 10 steps to a safe and successful Book Fair during COVID-19 – this downloadable infographic covers everything you need to know, taking you from preparing for your Book Fair all the way to packing up and paying.

Q: Can I book a book a Fair with you for later in the year?

A: Yes. If you would like to arrange a Book Fair with us, please email us at info@scholastic.co.uk or call us on 0800 212 281.

Q: I need to move my Book Fair as I’m not sure if my school will be able to run it.

A: If you have a Fair booked for the Autumn term, we will be contacting you to confirm your dates as soon as possible and can discuss any date adjustments that need to be made.

Q: How do I pay for my Book Fair?

A: This may be completed online using a credit card, Bacs or by sending a cheque in the post. You must be registered on the relevant website to complete the paperwork online

Q: Can I still order my books and have them delivered into school?

A: You can still order children’s books and resources from us online by going to www.shop.scholastic.co.uk. Orders can be delivered to a school setting if your school is still open and able to receive orders or can be delivered to a home address.

Q: I have purchased a gift voucher but the Fair has been cancelled, where can I redeem it or can I get a refund?

A. If you have a Book Fair gift voucher this will be valid on a future Book Fair. If you do not have a future Book Fair please email us at: enquiries@scholastic.co.uk.

Q. I placed an order for books children had bought will I still get them and if not and I have to refund will my Rewards be affected?

A. Due to the closure of the warehouse we are not able to fulfil your order currently. We understand how disappointing this will be for the children, please contact us when your School opens and we will be happy to despatch the books to you and your Rewards will not be affected. If you wish to cancel any outstanding orders please email us on enquiries@scholastic.co.uk.

Q. What do I do if my Rewards expire?

A. We will honour rewards expiring during the period of school closures.

Q: Is there any other way to offer parents/children books during this period?

A: Yes – you can still offer your parents and children access to great books during this time. You can set up a Scholastic digital Book Club and parents can order online and request delivery to home. You will still earn Rewards for your school on every order placed this way. For more details please go to: shop.scholastic.co.uk/bookclubs

If you have any further questions please email us at enquiries@scholastic.co.uk.