How to set up the Zettle app

How to set up the Zettle app

If you have not been provided with a Zettle terminal, then you can still take contactless card and cash payments via the Zettle app.

Getting started

  1. Ensure your phone is connected to the internet. Please be aware that many school WiFi systems may restrict access to the Zettle app, so this may use up your mobile data.
  2. Download the Zettle Go app for free on the App Store or Google Play Store.
  3. Log in to the app using your email address and password. You should have received an invitation to activate your account. If you have not received the information or are unsure of your details, please contact us on Once you have received the invitation, you will be asked to set up a password. Please do not set up an account.

Completing the sale

  1. Enter the price of the book on the Zettle app and add to shopping basket.
  2. Once you are ready to complete the sale, click the shopping basket icon in the top right hand corner. You will then be shown a summary of the purchase.
  3. Click the Charge button at the bottom of the page.
  4. Select card or cash payment.
  5. If you are processing a card payment, please select Tap to Pay and do not select Pay by card, as this option requires a terminal.

Once your Book Fair has finished, please delete the Zettle app from your device.