Previous Competition Winners

Previous Book Fair Competition Winners

Happy Monkey Competition Autumn 2018



Morgan from Queen Emma Primary School.

Happy Monkey helped us to choose our winner, and they chose Morgan’s entry because they really liked the beautiful descriptions and detailed artwork. Congratulations Morgan!

Runners up

  • Orla from St Anne’s Primary
  • Isla from St Mary’s Primary
  • Cerys from Parkfield Primary

Secondary Competition Autumn 2018



Alexander from Swavesey Village College.

Alexander’s design for a fantasy city was impressive – so enormous that it took two of our judges to hold it up! Congratulations Alexander!

Runners up

  • Stanley from The Park School
  • Grace from Queen Elizabeth School
  • William from Hymers College Senior School

Primary Competition Spring 2018

Super Competition UK banner desk


Kritika from Talavera County Junior School.

We loved Kritika’s clever acronym for a superhero squad of grandmothers – the Brave Intrepid Noble Granny Organisation (or The BINGOs) impressed our judges! Congratulations Kritika!

Runners up

  • Nicholas from Hatchell Wood Primary, who created Squirrel Man
  • Hannah from Vicarstown National School, who created Batwolf and Horsechicken
  • Niamh from St Macartans Primary School, who created the Reading Rebellions

Primary Competition Autumn 2017

Happy Monkey desk banner


Nikhil from Rhiwbeina Primary School.

We had so many fantastic name ideas for the monkey that we asked Happy Monkey to help us choose, and they loved Nikhil’s Bananaby. Congratulations Nikhil!

Runners up

  • Penelope from Axminster Catholic School, who named the monkey Giggles
  • Melanie from Urmston Primary School, who named the monkey Milo the Mischievous Monkey
  • Ella from Eldene Primary School, who named the monkey Melony

Secondary Competition Autumn 2017



Davidzo from Aylesbury High School.

Davidzo, along with a group of friends, embarked on a Sugar Stoptember – Stoptober challenge in memory of a friend’s grandmother.

Fantastic effort Davidzo, congratulations!

Runners up

  • Ayan from St. Cyres School
  • Zainab from Allerton Grange School
  • Lucy from Kings College International
  • Thomas from St. Martin’s Catholic Academy
  • Tom from Glenthorne High School

Primary Competition Spring 2017


First Place

Grace, from Fife!

The Tom Gates song competition was judged by the author Tom Gates, Liz Pichon. Liz felt that Grace’s song was catchy, well written, beautifully sung and well played.

Watch Grace’s entry here.

Congratulations Grace!

Runners up

  • Samuel from Seely Primary
  • Sophie from Helm School, Meltam
  • Annabel and Chloe from Pendoylan Church in Wales School
  • Olivia and Beatrix from Botley School, Oxford
Congratulations to the runners up and to everyone who entered – the standard of the competition was extremely high.

Secondary Competition Spring 2017


First Place

Charlotte from Collingwood College

Charlotte wrote an amazing short story, Fóvos, which showed just how much she loves the Percy Jackson series and displayed a real talent for writing.

Congratulations Charlotte!

Runners up

  • Haudane from Al-Ashraf Secondary School for Girls
  • Sean from Collingwood College
  • Santi from Dwight School
  • Cristi from Queen Anne High School
  • Ishaa from King Edward VI Handsworth School for Girls

Harry Potter Competition

With nearly 2,000 entries, our Harry Potter competition was one of our most popular of all time. The standard of the entries was also extremely high, making picking winners a very difficult job for our judges. Well done to all who entered.

Overall Winner

Shriya, from Stranmills Primary School (Hufflepuff)!

Shriya’s entry really impressed us. Her three page essay showed her in-depth knowledge of Hufflepuff House, as well as showing how her character matches up with the values of the House.

If I am put into Hufflepuff I will be able to make bad witches and wizards good by convincing them! I shall make Hogwarts better.

Congratulations Shriya!

Runners Up

  • Briahna, from St Mary’s CE Primary School (Ravenclaw)
  • Alex, from Scoil Nicoláis (Gryffindor)
  • Nina, from Wicklow Montessori Primary School (Hufflepuff)
  • Brendan, from St John Fisher Catholic Voluntary Academy (Hufflepuff)
  • Dylan, from Nicholas Hawksmoor Primary School (Gryffindor)
  • Leah, from Whithom Primary School (Ravenclaw)
  • Kaena, from Crackley Hall School (Hufflepuff)
  • Tanisha, from Grove Road Community Primary School (Ravenclaw)
  • Calum, from Viewlands Primary School (Gryffindor)
  • Priya, from Higham Primary School (Ravenclaw)

Gaming Competition

Our design a video game character competition had some of the most inspired and imaginative entries of any competition we have ever run. Many students went above and beyond the brief, creating booklets, writing stories, painting pictures, creating characters in photoshop, and even making models. The judges found it extremely hard to choose the best six entries – well done to everyone who entered their design.

Overall Winner

Rania, from Rugby High Girls’ Grammar School!


Rania’s character, Maple, was extremely detailed and well thought through. Rania’s drawing perfectly illustrated what Maple can do, as well as showing us what she looks like. The judges loved the colours and the little details that were included in the design.

Congratulations Rania!

Runners Up

  • Eva, St Joseph’s Roman Catholic School
  • Abhishikth, King Edward’s School
  • Patryk, Whitefield School
  • Oran, St Patrick’s College
  • Sami, Conyers School

How to Train Your Dragon Competition

Find out who won our Design a Dragon competition here.