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Show grown ups how it’s done with the Book Fair Takeover. You can help to run your school’s next Book Fair and make it the best one ever!


Book Fair Takeover Teacher's Guide

Job profiles

  • Read the job profiles to see which job might suit your strengths best:

Book Fair Manager

Advertising Specialist

Customer Service Assistant


Display Specialist

Events Co-ordinator

Browsing Supervisor

Inventory Specialist

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Advertise the Book Fair

  • Build excitement and advertise with these posters/handouts:

Book Fair Takeover is Coming! Poster Teaser poster

Help Plan our Best Book Fair Ever! Poster Book Fair Takeover volunteer poster

Book Fair Takeover: Job Advertisement Job advertisement

Tell parents about your upcoming Book Fair Takeover in your school’s newsletter or by posting about it on Twitter or Facebook! Download these free images to ensure your post is as eye-catching as possible.

Shareable image for social media or your school's newsletter

Download the free Book Fair promotion image

You can even add information about your upcoming Takeover using MS Paint with the editable Book Fair promotion image.

Download the free editable Book Fair promotion image

Job application

  • Apply for the job that appeals to you using the following resources:

book fair takeover job application form image.jpg

Job application form

CV sample

CV template

Covering letter sample

Covering letter template


  • Use this staffing rota to let your volunteers know when they are needed at the Book Fair.
  • Create badges for everybody taking over the Book Fair using this template

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