Book Fair Takeover - Testimonials

What teachers say

Book Fair Takeover was inspired by real teachers running proven enterprise activities. You can read comments below from schools that have benefited from involving their pupils in running their Book Fair.

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  • “The Book Fair was amazing. We helped to run it and we had lots of parents coming after school so it was really busy … We can’t wait till next year.” April, aged 10, Latchford St James CoE Primary School

  • “Here at our school, the Book Fair is run by the Year 12 students studying on the Level 3 BTEC Enterprise and Entrepreneurship course. Having the chance to run the event gives the students a chance to run a business, and during the process have to deal with the organisation of the event, finance management, stock management, customer service and marketing. We have taken the opportunity to tie this in with some of the units that are required to be completed in the Enterprise course. The event can be run with Unit 9 – Social Enterprise, or Unit 4 – Launch and Run an Enterprise” Business and Enterprise teacher, Leventhorpe School

  • “Organising the Book Fair has been such a positive experience for our children. It has given them an independence and autonomy which has really brought out the best in them. It has allowed children who are less academically literate than their peers, but who are nonetheless enthusiastic, and who want to join in, to shine, and to show us their strengths.

    We wanted to show the children that an appreciation and understanding of literacy can help them in areas outside of their classroom, and getting them to work together to create a business has helped us to do that.” Katy Wheatley, Librarian at St. Peter’s R.C. Primary School

  • “Because of the students who ran the Book Fairs, we were able to sell three times the amount we usually do! I truly believe that these students were the biggest reason we were so successful.” Christa Cordery, Greenbrier Middle School

  • “Our 20-member team planned the entire Fair and decorated it with an underwater theme. They really took ownership of the Fair.” Organiser, Chesnut Ridge Middle School

  • “126 pupils applied to take part. It has become THE club to be a part of at McCLure. We have been very successful in treating it like any other extra-curricular club or activity.” Rhonda Boggs, Mclure Middle School

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  • “To be honest I had never thought of asking students to get involved with advertising or promotion, but this is something I will consider for next year.” Jacqui McArdle, Librarian, St Patrick’s High School

  • “Like most school librarians I am a solo worker, so having reliable students to help during the Book Fair is fantastic, especially over busy times, like first thing in the morning, break-time and after school.” Jacqui McArdle, Librarian, St Patrick’s High School

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