Accepting card payments at your Book Fair

Paying by card at your Book Fair

There are 3 main ways to pay by credit card at your Book Fair: using a Zettle card terminal, using the Zettle app, and online payments.

1. Using a Zettle card terminal provided by Scholastic

If you have received a Zettle card terminal with your Book Fair, you can use the below instructions to take card payments. Find instructions for setting up your card reader here.

Scanning items

  1. Click the Zettle icon, and then log in using your email and password. Click on the menu bar and select Sell.
  2. You can add to the basket using the barcode scanner. Simply press the button on the right hand side of the device and point it at the barcode on the back of the book.
  3. To add manual charges (for stationery etc. without a barcode), go to the shopping cart and select Amount. Enter the amount and click the tick. You may then scan the next product and move onto charge.

Completing the sale

  1. You will see items added to the shopping basket. Once you are ready to complete the sale, click the shopping basket icon in the top right hand corner. You will then be shown a summary of the purchase.
  2. Click the Charge button at the bottom of the page.
  3. You can choose to process the payment as a cash or card payment.
  4. If you choose card, you will be asked to present the card for purchase. Note: if preferred, customers can insert the card into the bottom of the terminal. If paying by cash, you can find further instructions here.


  1. If you choose to spend your Rewards by taking items from the bookcases, scan the items as a single purchase.
  2. Then, view the shopping cart and click the % icon in the top right hand corner. This will allow you to apply a discount of 100%. Please enter Rewards as the discount code.

Note: you will receive a warning that this is a zero value transaction. You can accept this warning and continue.

2. Using the Zettle app

  1. If you have a suitable phone available, you can install the Zettle Go app and use the Tap to Pay function to take in-person card payments.
  2. Even if you have received a card terminal with your Book Fair, you can use this at the same time to have multiple checkout points at your Fair.

Note: the Zettle app gives the option to Pay by Card or Tap to Pay. You should always choose Tap to Pay, as the Pay by Card function is not supported by Scholastic Book Fairs.

3. Accepting payments online

  1. Parents are able to make payments on the Scholastic website at
  2. If they are present at the Fair and wish to pay online, you can display the QR code that links through to this webpage, which can be found in your Organiser Resources.
  3. If their child has filled in a Wish List and parents are making a payment from home, they will need to return the Wish List to school along with confirmation of payment. Then, simply take their chosen books from the Book Fair cases.